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About us

Our origins in Spain and the study of the centuries old trade routes of Mediterranean foods, taught us how to incorporate high quality ingredients in all cuisines and the importance of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Learning to cook with family and chef friends throughout Spain and North Africa and witnessing the integration of simple ingredients to arrive at a beautiful meal culminating into a culinary experience shared with friends and family, has impacted the way we find and present ingredients to our many clients. We made it our mission and it became our passion to find the best authentic Mediterranean ingredients and make them a must have in every kitchen.

Together with a team of local specialized producers, we provide the home cook and some of America’s top chefs with unmatched flavors through our ingredients allowing the dishes to display the authentic flavors found in Mediterranean cuisine.  Spain is the only country in the world with three restaurants among the world’s top 10 best for 2016 and also the only country with seven restaurants classified in the top 50. This rich history of culinary recognition is a testament of the exquisite source of gourmet ingredients and food yet to be widely discovered and introduced in America.

From our beginning in 2012, our core product has been the Olivar SANTAMARIA® extra virgin olive oils (EVOO), which display the distinct flavors of the PICUAL olive fruit variety with intense grassy flavors together with a slight bitterness and spiciness and hints of tomato and artichoke. The intense flavors of our extra virgin olive oils are a direct result of the high concentration of polyphenols (antioxidants)
that are naturally present in the PICUAL olive fruit. Our EVOO is the foundation of
Mediterranean cuisine.

Following the successes of our EVOO, we began the expansion into Sherry Wine
Vinegars, Artisanal Wines for cooking, Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Olives, and other specialty products from the region.   Andalucía has been a world-famous center for the production of balsamic and sherry vinegars since the days of the Roman Empire.  The terroir, barrel-aging process, and other traditional production techniques have added incredible depth and complexity to these sherry
wine vinegars for centuries, making them the perfect complement with our
Olivar SANTAMARIA® extra virgin olive oils.